3 words a day for June 4

This world is a hologram of our thought thoughts brought to reality by our perception. Not a single thing is real, yet the physical world has a hold on our emotions. When it’s not what you want simply change your mind and your reality will change as well.


3 words a day

As all of the feelings come to the surface, she is reluctant to say anything. The emotion began to affect her physically. Her heart raced, her palms were sweaty, she couldn’t breathe and she began to shake. What purpose did this serve? The panic was overwhelming. She kept her feelings bottled in. They ate away at her heart like rust on metal.

3 words a day…

The boundaries between a father and a criminal have been blurred for a long time. It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming. I guess I thought maybe he would change. As I sat in the court room, the judge showed no mercy. Manslaughter 15 year sentence. Day for day. It was like an asteroid had come out of nowhere crushing any hope of a normal relationship with my father. As reality set in and the smoke cleared, I ran up and hugged him tightly. I watched as they shackled him, treating human beings like animals is our idea of reforming criminals. Then again if you behave like an animal you get chained like one.