3 words a day for June 4

This world is a hologram of our thought thoughts brought to reality by our perception. Not a single thing is real, yet the physical world has a hold on our emotions. When it’s not what you want simply change your mind and your reality will change as well.


Beautiful Imperfections

I just got around to doing last weeks writing prompt and this is what my list ended up becoming…

For my son:

The way your hair fros out…beautiful imperfections

The way you smile then pout…beautiful imperfections

Your puffy eyes in the morning…beautiful imperfections

The way you take off without warning…beautiful imperfections

You learning to talk…beautiful imperfections

The way you stumble then fall… beautiful imperfections

When you want something you whine…beautiful imperfections

The fact that your mine…a beautiful perfection


poetry prompt 31

for June 1, 2014

I’m trying to apologize, but I don’t know where to begin.

I’m scared if I try to feel the guilt I’ll end up caving in.

Just know that I’m truly sorry for any pain I’ve caused.

I didn’t mean to keep you out behind theses sky high walls.

The barriers I’ve built are not because of you,

It’s because of my past and the pain that as a child I went through.

I know that’s not your fault and you shouldn’t have to pay,

You deserve someone to love you and treat you the right way.

Make no mistake I love you, I just truly don’t know how,

Know I was not lying when I wrote and said my vows.

I want to give what you need and be everything you crave,

I’m scared to show my feelings but for you I must be brave.

Just teach me how to love you, it’s all I want to do,

I know I will try my best and to you I will stay true.

I know I’ve never loved another even close to this before,

I just don’t know how to show it but it’s coming from the core.

I can give you all of me you have my heart and soul,

Without you here I don’t exist, without you I’m not whole.

I will learn to love you better each and every day,

Be patient with me as I try our love will lead the way.

3 words a day

As all of the feelings come to the surface, she is reluctant to say anything. The emotion began to affect her physically. Her heart raced, her palms were sweaty, she couldn’t breathe and she began to shake. What purpose did this serve? The panic was overwhelming. She kept her feelings bottled in. They ate away at her heart like rust on metal.