“Subtly Degrading”

Subtly Degrading      July 2, 2013

Subtly degrading, be careful with your words the actions that stem from them and the feelings that you hurt.

Subtly degrading, tearing me down I do so loudly, you don’t make a sound.

Subtly degrading, easily spoken lies, but now all of a sudden restrictions don’t apply… to you.

Subtly degrading, not the same around others, you use your charm to gain acceptance, what are you trying to cover?

Subtly degrading, looking past me as I cry. While my heart’s been broken and you’re the reason why.

Subtly degrading, not caring who you hurt. Always doing for others with a “for me” smirk.

Subtly degrading, you know not what you do, how controlling your silence is, but I know the real you.


Write Now Prompt

                “With everyone watching her intently, she selected a vial and quickly drank it before she could second guess herself”. She had no idea what power she had taken or if her body could even handle it. She didn’t have a choice she couldn’t blow her cover. Her audience smiled in approval. “What’s next?” She asked, worried about what the response would be. “We wait for it to take effect,” “And if you can handle it, you have to use your new power for evil to complete the process, that’s IF you can handle it”. “What exactly do I have to do?” “Kill an innocent.” “This should be simple enough if you were really one of us to begin with.” Suddenly, she felt the poison flowing through her vains. It burned, it felt like a hot liquid flowing through her. She screamed in agony. Next thing she awoke on the floor with him looking down at her.