Daily Prompt

Can you not hear it? The cry is full of pain. Can you not see it as her tears fall down like rain? Can you not feel it the overwhelming emotion of this wave? Can you not bear to notice as you’re consumed in yourself again.

Is it easier to overlook than to take responsibility for, You’re the chain that binds her to this cold concrete floor. You hold the keys to her cage and you treasure them like gold. But the treasure lies within unnoticed to your frozen over soul.

Silent though she may be, her eyes will tell you all. Instead all you allow her to see are these brick layered walls. Fine as she may seem you tell yourself your all she needs, no breath, no life, no soul, no crown made for this queen.

If only you could see the gifts she hides within, you’d realize a soul wasted is the only true sin. You’d let her spread her wings and fly and be there when she falls. Instead her cry for help is silenced behind these sound proof walls.



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