“I’m just a possession, something to say you own. Someone you think  should serve you, while you rip out their soul.

I’m just a possession, another trophy on your shelf. The only time I was dusted off is when your ego needed help.

I’m just a possession, the one sent to save your soul, you’re the only one who saw me, but even me you couldn’t live for.

Still just a possession of things that haunt at night. The only one to ever deny me, yet we look just alike.

I’m just a possession to my childish needs and “self-rights”. A past that no longer serves me but still it was worth the fight.”


3 words a day…

The boundaries between a father and a criminal have been blurred for a long time. It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming. I guess I thought maybe he would change. As I sat in the court room, the judge showed no mercy. Manslaughter 15 year sentence. Day for day. It was like an asteroid had come out of nowhere crushing any hope of a normal relationship with my father. As reality set in and the smoke cleared, I ran up and hugged him tightly. I watched as they shackled him, treating human beings like animals is our idea of reforming criminals. Then again if you behave like an animal you get chained like one.

Daily Prompt

Can you not hear it? The cry is full of pain. Can you not see it as her tears fall down like rain? Can you not feel it the overwhelming emotion of this wave? Can you not bear to notice as you’re consumed in yourself again.

Is it easier to overlook than to take responsibility for, You’re the chain that binds her to this cold concrete floor. You hold the keys to her cage and you treasure them like gold. But the treasure lies within unnoticed to your frozen over soul.

Silent though she may be, her eyes will tell you all. Instead all you allow her to see are these brick layered walls. Fine as she may seem you tell yourself your all she needs, no breath, no life, no soul, no crown made for this queen.

If only you could see the gifts she hides within, you’d realize a soul wasted is the only true sin. You’d let her spread her wings and fly and be there when she falls. Instead her cry for help is silenced behind these sound proof walls.