Picture writing challenge #21

    As I sat on the roof of the apartment I just rented, I thought of everything I had left behind. I gripped the soles of my shoes to the shingles, trying not to fall into the street below me. The town had a much different feel from this view. Definitely not as busy, however no different from any other place I had ran too. Same sunset, people doing the same things through the windows, same city, just a different name. I just sat and wrote…     “I still feel guilty for leaving no matter how far I run, guilty for leaving abuse and pain, but I was about to come undone. The problem was always your own reflection staring back at you. Unable to face yourself in anything you do. Old tricks for love become habits, more like leaches on your back. So much so you drain everyone else and complain of what they lack. I feel guilty for leaving, for you know not what you do. It’s funny how the most abused end up abusive too.”


One thought on “Picture writing challenge #21

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