My 3 words a day… Another short story.


     As I walked up to the prison door I noticed all of the tall fences with barbed wire wrapped around them. So much metal obstructing the view of nature was quite depressing. When I walked in I was immediately searched, patted down, ran through a metal detector, and we had to leave all belongings up front. ”If all of this is for the visitors I can’t imagine what the prisoners go through” I thought, Keeping all comments to myself for fear of offending anyone.  “I guess you’ll go through anything for family”. I was there to see my grandfather, whom I never had a chance to meet. he’s been here since before I was born and will be here quite a bit longer. I just wanted a chance to meet him even if it was only once. Walking in on the concrete floor with surrounding concrete walls, the environment was very cold both in temperature and in nature. “This is what is supposed to rehabilitate my grandfather and get him ready to enter back into society? “yea right” I thought. What is so wrong with us that we would use this as rehabilitation? I would think intensive counseling and a prison with some form of life would be a better approach. How can you expect them to change when you take all life away from them? I sat down and waited for him to come out. “Will he love me less because he’s been in here? Can he even love at all?” Him being in prison didn’t matter to me. I had never had a grandfather that was alive and the only one left was serving multiple sentences here.  Finally they came out. Single file like kids lining up for a bathroom break in school. They all looked hallow, their pale shells were there but you wouldn’t be able to tell there was a soul inside by looking at them. Finally I recognized him from the pictures and he recognized me from being a spitting image of my mother. He walked towards me and I walked towards him. His eyes were different they were shinning, there was a soul. I threw my arms around him and he hugged me really tight, like he didn’t want to let go. I felt tears dripping down my cheek, they were his. I was happy, I had been able to bring him something society had taken away. The spark in his brown eyes.  


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