Write Now Writing Prompt

“The conflict had been going on for so long that no one could remember why it had started”. And no one dared to get in the middle of it. A conflict between a mother and daughter is one conflict you don’t get into in this family. However, we are all affected by it. All we know is it started before Abagail became a teen mom. You would think that her becoming a teen mom in the 80’s would have been a bigger issue, but that’s not the case. Abagail constantly talks about the way she was raised and issues that went on between her and her father that her mother turned the other cheek to. The hardest thing is it put a strain on the mother-daughter relationships in the generations afterward. It also made having a grandmother of any kind extremely difficult. It was like a curse for this family. And no one knew how to break it though many have tried, until finally a boy was first born. Up until this point there had always been girls as the first born. Little did the women know coming into this world they would have this hard of a time and that it would be passed down for generations…


One thought on “Write Now Writing Prompt

  1. Interesting write! Sounds like a family curse…

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