3 words a day…

This one is a short story but still pretty good…

As he sat in his hospital bed, withering away from the cancer that has spread, he told me many stories and left many hints. Simple, yet enough I thought for us to figure it out, or so we thought. We didn’t realize it would take twenty years plus another taurus to be born for us to find it. “What if there’s a lock?” She asked as she sat there with the same eager expression our grandfather had on his face twenty years earlier. “Well it’s a good thing granny gave me his key’s isn’t it?” Frantically, we searched until I noticed something in the corner of the attic. “Of course, a coffee can!” I ran over to pick it up. “What’s so special about a coffee can?” “Mom said that granddaddy always kept his money in a coffee can beside his bed, and granny wouldn’t keep a regular coffee can would she?” We opened it up and there was a note that read:

“My Darling Girls,

    Go to the bottom of the hill by the pear tree. Wait for the sun to rise over the house. Where the sun shines on the hill is where you will find what you’ve been searching for.”


 Grandpa Chuck”

We had found it. No one else in family believed we would or that he had left anything at all. But we knew. And the most beautiful thing is he did too.


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