3 words a day…

Born in this world so innocent and sweet, she had no idea the kind of path she would walk with her feet. So much alive yet still so naïve as a teen she tries to break the spell and break free. The memories of her childhood still haunt her at night. Since an infant she had to find the will to survive. She took a wrong turn and lost herself once more. As an adult she feels bound with chains to a cold concrete floor. Never having a self that had not been tainted all she knows of life is pain and the innocence that was taken. Her soul frozen in time and lost in her past, her eyes swollen from tears and this rugged path. The outside looking in all you see is a girl who never knew her worth, but yet in her hands a girl who held the whole world. Too smart to not see wishing for ignorant bliss, but it’s not that easy for those with no feeling of the right to exist.


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