The Creation Story Told Through Sacred Geometry…

The Creation Story through Sacred Geometry

“In the beginning there was a void. No dimension, time, or space, just a void that is God. Before creating his masterpiece God created a canvas or the three dimensions. God projects his consciousness into six directions: front, back, left, right, up & down. By connecting all of the points this forms the Star of David. The straight lines in the Star of David are the masculine or “Adam”. He spins the Star of David a complete degree of 360 which forms a sphere around “Adam” which is “Eve” being created “from Adams rib”. He said “Let there be light” and projects another sphere. This process is repeated until there are seven spheres or the “seven days of creation”. The seven spheres are the Seed of Life which lays the foundation of all matter. With the projection of one more sphere we find the form used in the embryonic process. The most balanced form possible that is us.” © 2013.

I am someone who studies a lot of different things, one of which being Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is hard to grasp especially if math wasn’t your best subject (like me). This is how i explain it so that others can understand the concept. I used the creation story from the bible to relate it to in hopes the you can grasp the it better.


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