Weekly Writting Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!


As the snow falls down,

His eyes shine with amazement,

The first he has seen.


As the wind gets cold,

As the trees become naked,

Winter warms my heart.


As he stares at me,

With those intense loving eyes,

My heart skips a beat.


The passion deepens,

As the road becomes bumpy,

After all were here.


Giving thanks for all,

Spreading joy throughout this life,

Is what we live for.





Picture Writing Challenge # 22…

     The deeper I get into nature and away from civilization the more tracks I notice from people who have walked this path before me. Different experiences, different reactions, yet the same trail in the same world. “Did they make it?” I wonder because sometimes I am not so sure I will. All of a sudden the trail stops. ” Did they turn around and go back?” “Does this path get too rough?” Then I realize no matter what I decide, it is my choice and that’s what makes this my own path.

Daily Prompt: I have confidence in myself… for November 24, 2013

     I think that I am good at what I do. I am a good wife, a good mom, and I carry a 4.0 GPA in college. Also I’ve recently noticed I can write better than I thought I could and finally have the confidence to start writing my first book. Of course I want to do better in everything I do. I am someone who strives for personal growth and to learn just enough about everything that sparks my interest.

Daily Prompt: Playtime

     I play everyday with my son. Free play, playing outside, reading, dancing and playing music, playing games, and making crafts. My son “says playtime” to me. We have a schedule (when we can stick to it) but regardless we play throughout the day. Also being able to spend time with my husband who works 2 jobs is “playtime” for me. Being able to goof off, watch a movie, even talk. Since we don’t get to do these things very often its my quality/playtime with him.